February 4th, 2007



The female cardinal is spending a lot of time at the birdfeeder outside my window today. A sparrow or two, and two different little black-and-white birds I haven't identified, bop by sometimes too, but it's really been her spot. The other day a woodpecker was taking advantage of the thing. A squirrel got my hunk of suet a while ago. I like to think it's up in Mr. Spot's winter den in pine tree Junior.

Got up and out early today, after a late night last night, to meet friend of friend. Walked dogs again yesterday, and that was good, though quite cold. Today, Sunday, won't see 10 degrees F in these parts.

I like having the luxury of (occasionally) living, fairly comfortably, through days of extreme-ish temps like this. Cold more than hot, I think. Hey, another female cardinal! Wonder if they're lesbians. Haven't seen a boy all day. Anyway, there's a different kind of respect for nature/"the environment" in this sort of dangerous weather, vs. the more dramatic stormy varieties. Something kind of wonderfully simple & matter of fact about how the mere/sheer temperature could kill you. Makes one pay attention to very simple things that, in these circumstances, are vital to staying, uh, vital. Alive. Existant.

But my feet ARE cold.

If I came into a lot of money, I'd look into having heat put in under these floors.

There should be an expression.

"Like a cracked drinking glass." Meaning a no-brainer, automatic decision (in this case to throw it away, it's ov-ahh).

I wish more decisions in my life felt so obvious. So cut-and-dry.

I spent more than half this weekend in my fleece-lined snowpants. A coupla winters ago vjsmom helped me feel better about having spent over $60 on them. I was having backlash, thinking how comparatively rarely they're appropriate. But on those rare sledding days, or days like yesterday walking dogs, or like today, just going to the library & the gym & the store, oh and to breakfast and trash taking-out---well, you were right, vjsmom. They're proving well worth it, even if they've gotten a bit baggy.

I stocked up the house with foodstuffs. Feels good.

Dull entry, I know. Whatchoo gonna do, I dunno(,) shit. (Amazing how much those old days with BP stay with me in the dumb little things.)