January 22nd, 2007



My appetite is back, cum a vengeance.

Got new windshield wipers. The back one still isn't meeting the surface of the back window. Gonna try fiddling & then maybe get professional advice there.

I don't mind Hugo Chavez saying "Go to hell, gringos!" That thing about calling Condi his "little girl" was a bit irritating. But this grab of expanded executive powers is troubling. I'm not saying it's more troubling than W's. Just that it's troubling.

What else goes on. Pfizer to lay off 10,000, closing 3 sites in Michigan. Antidepressants linked to increased fracture risk. Leftover chicken chipotle refrieds in Lisa's fridge. (Hongry.)

Of all the foods never served in the home of my nuclear family of origin, refried beans must be right up there on the list of comestibles most often consumed by me since. You got any of those? Something you eat often that was unheard of in your childhood consumption? Others of mine include asparagus, tortillas, and garlic. Though I guess I don't eat a whole lotta garlic. And tofu and soy milk and stuff like that, of course.

Back to work. (It's a long work day.)