January 14th, 2007

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storm's a-comin'

Had a coupla things I thought I might post, but a sense of urgency about getting about the rest of my errands---including zipping back home for the DVD I didn't manage to bring with me & returning with it here to the library---is beginning to well up in my innards. It's a little icy out there today, but the word is that sleet, snow & freezing rain will get goin' good tonight, continuing off and on all night and into tomorrow, and I still have to hit the grocer's, sad to say. Wanna get gas, too. Hit the gym. Maybe buy windshield wipers.

Could be fun to be snowed in on MLK Day. But first I've got to act the mid-Atlantic idiot and rush off to buy bread & milk & some stuff to cook. (At least I have no toilet paper panic.)

Maybe I'll be lucky and the natives won't be stocking up en masse.