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October 26th, 2006

I have excellent teeth.

Really! Official opinion of professional dentist. I won't get into my periodontal situation, but it's lookin' up its own self.

Detroit has just gone up 3-0 in the 4th game of the World Series. Kevin told me today that mathematicians say it should really be called the World Sequence. (A "series," properly, gets added up.) (I guess there's some adding going on, but it's not the same thing.) I'm especially glad they're hitting Suppan cuzza the annoying way the announcers on Fox were setting it up that he'd be unhittable. They were also making a big deal outta his not having let a batter leading off an inning get on base in the post-season--- and guess what just happened?

One thing about watching live TV when you've been strictly a Netflix gal: those danged commercials. In the baseball there are some ads in high rotation. I'm NEVER gonna buy me the big screen TV with the picture resolution so good you can see the golf ball that the guys on TV can't, cuz I'm sick sick sick of Ferguson teeing off and the whole tedious thing. And don't get me started on the patriotic John Cougar Mellencamp "single" in the Chevy ads that was then "introduced" by his singing it before one of the games. Barf.

Doggie parade this weekend on the diag. Benefits the dog park people. Should be fun. squirrelykat's got a rent-a-dog, and dreampower's dog is going come too.

My other thought for the weekend is to do NO editing whatsoever.

Oh, and rake leaves, maybe, if it ain't rainin'.

What ya'll gonna be up to?


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