August 31st, 2006


i was just out in the world on break

the town is crawlin' mit Studentinnen

(mit dem Studentinnen?)  [<--- that says "dem", not "dern" ---looked like the latter in my font. and with my attitude, as you'll see... --ed.]

you can tell it's early in the new year, cuz they're travelling in packs

that's long over by october, i used to observe in chas village (with the Hopkinsers)

maybe it's partly that their return involves these small masses overflowing sidewalks as they scurry about, like a sign of major bug infestation (vs. just a bug here and there); maybe it's partly that the return to hoopla surrounding athletic events reminds a body of their gang mentality. whatever it is, there's a vaguely creepy feeling about it.

i guess if you're teaching you're all "up" for their return, and into your own getting into the semester. been there; dug that. you know, in my own modest way.

pretty soon there'll be beer parties on front lawns with the Michigan Dining Table: a piece of plywood between two sawhorses with dozens of one-colored Solo cups of beer poised & ready for draining and chucking to the ground

i guess i'll just be glad when they split up into pairs & singles, and the occasional triplet, and then start staying indoors for the winter

oh! curmudgeonry! and i'm not quite an old old lady