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August 4th, 2006

getting late

Why am up still up. I'm falling asleep sitting.

Saw Blood Simple with shmizla tonight. Had my own mystery watching it: how I could have forgotten so much of the movie. If I was in an altered state the first time I watched (on video not so terribly long ago), that might explain my lack of retention---but then how would I have known that it was a great movie? Its greatness is all about following things in a way the out-of-it-synaptically surely couldn't. All I could remember was the dramatic noir-y ending. Boy, it's a nice little film. I didn't see it for the longest time cuz I thought it would be really horribly violent---and that maybe I'd be really bothered by it. The truth is that I wasn't all that taken with Raising Arizona when it first came out. It wasn't until later---maybe even Fargo (I'm having trouble remembering the order of their movies)---that I really got into the Bros.

We saw Scoop afterwards. I liked it again. Good night of movie watching. And very glad to have my buddy back in town for a while.

Answered an e-mail answer a few minutes ago. I so don't know what's going on. "What's going on?" asked Marvin Gaye, in consideration of much deeper, but less confusing, matters.

The heat broke today. Alleloo.

that's not funny

That subject line's the punchline of the feminist lightbulb joke (which is funny, but which I tell only with the North American male counterpart lightbulb joke), but it's also true of this Onion piece:

Abusive Husband Has Sense Of Humor About It

I just complained about it in my .plan at work, and don't feel like getting into it here/further. But crap.


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