July 6th, 2006


need to do some Tin'CB

Didn't get to the grocery store yesterday. Feeling uninspired today, but need to restock the larder.

I'm ready to do some cooking, but got no ideas about what to cook. Other than things with backyard black raspberries in 'em, that is. And even there I'm a little stymied about which of many options to pursue.

Maybe it would help if I'd eaten something today besides coffee. Where is my appetite?

People often think I work in stores I'm shopping in, too.

Well, the two may not be related, but again this afternoon I was asked for directions, which I'm glad to know my town well enough again to have a reasonable chance of delivering. Do people seem to choose you to ask for directions more often than random chance would have it? They do me, or so I perceive it.

Here's a poll:

Poll #763564 Asked for directions?

How often are you asked for directions?

rather very often, I think
a fair bit
not so often
virtually never
never. really. i have literally never been asked for directions.