July 3rd, 2006

on the road

Last night before turning for home.

I just told a bedtime story.

Earlier I saw sprig5 and non-lj-user L. And non-lj-user A, too.

Before that I saw Cars (the movie) and S (the boy) (okay, man).

Before that with SBJ+S, blew things up, and before that, with them + E + chicken necks, sat on a pier. Storm coming in to the island: very nice.

There had been a cake with berries transported halfway across the continent.

Oh, and there was more blowing up stuff tonight.

It's just a zippy jaunt, but it's good to be outta Dodge for a few minutes. Dodge is home now, I guess, but things are missing something there. I'm unsettled, yet with a good touch of the Inertia of the Aging. (Let us recall that inertia works two ways.)

Won't be seeing any of the hoped-for sets of houseguests this summer, looks like. You wanna come over? Do I know you?

Kind of excited to be getting back to town in one respect. Kinda trepidatious in another. Looking fwd to the cool overnights, too---hot here tonight.