June 6th, 2006


words I hate

tagged by homovegetarian

bull and full. because i can't say them right. seriously. i can't say both right, either, but i wouldn't go so far as to say i hate it, cuz i use it so much in writing that it balances how loath i am to attempt to speak it. is this weird, this problem enunciating these fairly common words? i think it's got to do with my mouth or my ears more than my mixed-accent heritage.

period, in the menstrual sense. maybe this is kinda like lovelikeyeast's distaste for "pussy". i don't mind more graphic terms, like "on the rag" or the clinical "menstruation" ---well, pretty much any of them. i like(d) to use "bleeding" or "gushing" myself. maybe it's the MY period part of its usage. especially when one is ON it, though "having" it isn't a whole lot better.

i might come up with more words later. those just popped into my head.

i tag queerbychoice, upsidedownblue, vjsmom, kohkae, sprig5, atleastdefiant, bigfinedaddy, altamont (cuz he's disappeared), and anybody else who'd like to do it.