May 19th, 2006


should I?

Should I go see Marshall Crenshaw Sunday night? I like him. I've always skipped it when he's been in town in whatever town I've been in. It's sorta middle-priced, for the Ark.

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I'm just going so hog-wild enjoying life lately, and kinda going for it, even in consumer ways---I'm afraid I might be getting carried away. Karmically more than economically, even. Afraid something is surely going to bite me in the ass, and not just cuz life does that sometimes, but exactly because I've been enjoying myself. How fucked up is that? A little reflux of that ptsd flavor? Hell. Who knows.

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I don't know all those records, but he's a good songwriter, and my hunch is he's fun live.

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P.S./Edit: Click on this Marshall head for his interview with the World Socialist Web Site: haggerd MC
(I haven't read it yet myself; this is my way of bookmarking it for the weekend.)