May 11th, 2006


mileage (total, not per gallon)

Average ya'll consider "a lot of miles to get out of a car": 203,824

I thought so. I mean, I was talking to a woman on the street about her car and whether you can get a lot of miles out of one of those, and she said oh yeah, her last one went 120,000. I was like, "120,000? That's a lot?" I mean, I was like that in that I was thinking that, not saying that. I think S had a point about this expectation having ratcheted up in the past few decades.

Maybe that woman considers a car dead the first time you need to get a flush & fill, though. This is HoityToityland, in a lot of ways/places/people.

I've been at work for 5 hours but been working for only a little over 3 of it. (Keeping careful track so's not to rip 'em off, though---using leave for the personal time.)