March 29th, 2006


did u know?

Grelling's Paradox is the paradox which results from considering whether heterologicality, the word-property which a designator has when and only when the designator does not bear the word-property it designates, is had by "heterologicality".

way too trippy for me at 10 a.m.

Grelling's Headache is the headache you could get from pondering that one before the coffee kicks in. Grelling's Demise is what happened when Grelling, having failed to enunciate his Paradox in a fashion until now clearly distinguishable from the better-known Liar's Paradox and Russell's Paradox, died like everybody else, not knowing the end of his own story.


Thu                 Partly Cloudy
Mar 30             65°/50°

  chance of precip: 0%

65°F is perfect. My favorite. I like other temperatures, too, but all in all, all things considered, all around, any day of the week, gimme 65°.

random weird memories

lots of these lately

the one just now of a café in some small city in indiana or illinois or iowa or like that, stopping on the way to somewhere else, in a long downtown business building on the west side of the street, and a game of TriOminoes and a scone; just passin' through

where the hell was that place


where going; where coming from

was that where that cool bathroom was

or am i thinking of the bathroom in funk's democratic coffee spot

- - - -

also: dreamed vividly last night of the denz, and meeting up, present tense