March 13th, 2006


major hitch in the git-along

this morning i got to work over an hour early, having awakened with a nasty cramp in my upper back that hasn't worked itself out as i've moved around (gingerly). i just broke down & ate a pill; have a heat thing on it, too---one of those thermathingie patches left over from when i had the chronic shoulder problems. rather attached to my e-z mobility nowadays---sure hope it's a one-day problem.

i hear larryville got some serious weather last night. the day dawned ominous-looking up here, that's for sure. supposed to be some snow later. i got laughed at by a co-worker the other day after suggesting that our most recent dusting might be the last for this winter. they tell me there's always something in late march or even april hereabouts.

so there you have the dual pedestrianism of reports of little aches & the current weather.