March 7th, 2006

ferndale bar lisa


Well, I'm not miserable or anything, but dang if I didn't get a/the cold. If there were nobody else at work, I'd go in & work, albeit perhaps with a pinch less pizzazz than I sometimes bring to my duties. Does "pizzazz" really have 4 Zs? It does today, anyway.

I take some comfort that I'm not miserably stopped up (which always sounds like "stomped up" when people who are stopped up report it, messing with how it seems it should be spelled), and so far there's been no headache or exhausting coughing or such. It's the most pins-and-needles-y sneeze cold I've had in years.

I can't really complain. I was on quite a good roll of not being sick, and this isn't so bad. Achoo. It just looks like I'm crying all the time. And CPAP use is compromised. And I haven't brought in the trash can from yesterday morning, so I could be in trouble with the neighbors. Guess I'll make that my goal for the day.

"though" banishing report: I deleted three of 'em during the composition of this post. [A person shouldn't need any directive transition as much as I employ that one.]