January 24th, 2006


writing to a long-lost one

Today I send off a letter to one I've not spoken to in something like 12 years. Could it be? Wow. The one who e-mailed me again out the blue a few months ago, and with whom I've been (somewhat tentatively) e-corresponding, said this one (who is not online) gave me the green light to write. I don't know much about her situation, but what I do know sounds kinda rough. She was a delight of a person, though, in how she managed to be within her particular constraints & crazy forces. The implication that the awkward way we fell away from each other isn't a deal-breaking stumbling block from her perspective either is good news.

I've been time travelling a lot in 2006 so far. It is hardly a surprise at all to find myself again writing down sentences with this woman as audience, though it's weird & trippy & another good dose of wonders-never-cease.

and I am perpetually awaiting
a rebirth of wonder.

Sure, it's damned unlikely all nationalisms will be destroyed, Larry, and that obscure GP ain't gonna come across for the recipe for immortality. A whoppin' renaissance of wonder remains a most long long shot, indeed. Yet while you keep living---if you can keep your eyes open, or your heart, or your other salient/chosen body part---there might very well be, nay probably is, some re-born wonder comin' your way.