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January 4th, 2006

wedding porn

No, shmizla, I still haven't looked in on that wedding porn:  I've got some alumni magazine wedding porn to share.

I'd almost tossed the latest copy of my little liberal arts college's glossy update (after my usual glance at the news on folks from the mid-'80's), but then I noticed that our old writing guy had done a piece on Ginsberg's visit to the campus, and I set it aside to read.

That piece was okay, but what I really loved was among the displays of baby and wedding pictures. Those displays in my college's publication are ordinarily especially annoying because of what a homogeny of shiny happy "beautiful" well-to-do white people usually appear in them:

typical alumni wedding shots

(I've blocked their eyes with circles instead of black box-y lines cuz the latter actually made 'em look a bit cool, in a DEVO kinda way.)

So I was paging contemptuously along among pix like that, and then, lo!, I experienced one of those rare cases of love at first sight when my eyes landed on
this fine groupCollapse ) !

Aren't they marvelous? Those are some wedding people I could totally party with. They look like more fun than just about anybody on the freakin' planet, let alone at my old school. I keep thinking about writing to them through the alumni office to profess my effusive ebullient exuberence of el-oh-vee-ee love. I love every single person in the picture! I swear to Whoever, I do; I do.

There was also this same-sex couple to celebrate seeing in the rag,Collapse ) even though one of them's an evil Yankee fan, and thus usually not to be celebrated on any level but the Schadenfreude-ich.


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