December 28th, 2005

ferndale bar lisa

salary letter day

It's the annual salary letter day here at work. Not many people are actually here to receive their letters with news of how much of a raise, if any, is coming in the new year.

Fun last night further neglecting housework & hanging out with peteralway. I got to hear his response to my challenge in his "Iron Composer" exercise a while back---you can hear it yourselves here (mp3), apparently, though I don't seem to be able to hear it all with my current configurations, for some reason.

More coffee now, I think, and back to work. Must get a good night's sleep some time soon. I have come to believe in good sleep, and to back up that belief with more consistent vigilance to it than I used to apply. (That reminds me: on Christmas night I passed the 5000-hour mark with CPAP.)