December 27th, 2005


non-acid flashback

I am flashing on prawns on the rocky Oregon beach with the big Airedale (Buffalo) Pie chasing log-sized "sticks" into the ocean for awkward retrieval, the air brisk with occasional mist in a kind of cloudless-looking sunlessness you can't really call overcast, as the cloud mass is so high and solidly white-gray it just seems to be the sky itself.

My human company that day was dear and close to my heart; they are now moreso, or so in ways yet deeper or richer, or some grandiose-sounding thing like that. Oddly, I felt old then, already. Now I am older indeed, and/but less wise.

I am jealous of the "and-cum-but" conjunction in Serbian. I need this conjunction. We all need this conjunction.