December 12th, 2005

dork L

wow. score!

I just made the word "MERMAIDS" in online Scrabble, for a double-triple with all-yer-letters bonus, not to mention a pleasing word to plunk onto the (virtual) board. It is no doubt the highest height of my Scrabble life thus far, and likely in perpetuity, so I wanted to share.

smouldering away, on the edge of town, a whiff of it wafting my way

Dreamed last night of the (source of the) Tire Fire. Remembered it when thinking, after hearing a little tell, that maybe I needn't stop myself from looking again (though I haven't yet). What the sort-of-mod fireplace wall meant, I wonder in particular. The snippet I recall of the plot seems embarrassing to reveal.

The dream may've come partly cuz I talked to LA for a good while yesterday, and (along with other stuff) got some of the old (balanced) flavor of the TF-to-be. And more of that wasn't-so-crazy not to anticipate crazy. But also some of the side dish of sad that comes with every entree off that menu, and that not-so-sweet dessert that's kind of like worry, but more a vague distressing pondering, with helplessness.

Not that helpfulness is called for in the least. But there ya go.
bad santa

All-ee All-ee Oxen Free!

[or however one would spell the prelude to "come out, come out, wherever you are" in hide-and-go-seek, or zap]

Are you the secret door gift leaver? Today's painted-lookin' rock with the question mark has given me my suspicions that the culprit may be in this audience. Are you? If so, reveal yourself? And if so and if so, are you the same mysterious giver of the Dia de los Muertos gifties?

I have been enjoying the mystery, but the question mark seems to prompt me to seek an answer.

Hey, maybe it's God! Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants.