October 8th, 2005


flight delayed

There's a Northwest Airlines first officer flying from Detroit to cover for the officially insufficiently rested potential crew members who were originally supposed to fly my ol' buds here from Back East. In the end I'll have at least an extra 2.5 hours here in which to prep for their arrival, but all that's meant is being able to sweep everywhere & take some junk down to the basement---yet there's always more one can do. Got a few dishes to do up & still need to hop in the shower. Could maybe fold the rest of the laundry. Maybe I'll zip out to the goes-out-at-1-on-Saturday mailbox down the road to send back my Netflixflix, and possibly even pick up a food item or two to have onhand, as I got nuthin' to offer but a 2-liter of Coke & some squirt cheese.

I also got nuthin' in terms of hard plans for these two. Completely playing it by ear.

Hey, the sun just came out---just like that. First time in 2 days? Wow. It's lighting up the maple leaves that have just lately really cranked it up on color changing.

I love houseguests. In general, and these in particular, too.