September 23rd, 2005

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wrapping it up, pretty much

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Continuing Adventures in AntennaLand
How The Fight for the Yoni Sees You Through Your Travails

CHAPTER FOUR, In Which Mismatched Congress is Overcome By Good Instinct Rather Than The Advice of Professionals, Gender Proves to be On A Continuum Even in Electronics, and All Is Then Well With The World

"Looks like what we've got here," said Bert, with a discernable shudder, "is another male end that's been broken off."

It figured he'd recognize it before I did. Men aren't always so sensitive, but they're often sensitive about those male ends.

The replacement antenna, see, had come with a female-to-female connector. We'd now found a way to thread all the cabling where it needed to go; discarded a washer & box-cut a notch in the mounting hardware for the new stanchion (linguistic skills having told us what part must've been the old "stanchion"); figured a way, with the help of a little epoxy, to secure the new mounting; and felt our way to the operative plug to access the main antenna cable running from the back of the car to the front, and thus to the radio---which would pick up only the most local stations through the female-to-female (and then not well), but would play even the Detroit ones beautifully when we held the male end of the new antenna to the mysterious stub on the end of the pipe-shaped connector to the operative plug up under the lip of the edge of the metal of the wall.

The problem had been reduced, as the mathematicians might put it, to connecting that male end to that male stub, or to the female plug that just wasn't the right size for the joining, as the Kama Sutra warns with respect to the congress of a yoni and a mismatch of a lingam.

I was going to have to hit the auto parts store.

Collapse ) find a female, and Voilà!

    THE END   {well, after maybe a brief Coda next week}