September 14th, 2005

roof me

EAST LAnsing

Hunh. Kind of a stretch, that subject line. Oh well. Tonight squirrelykat and I hit the other big university town in this here state. Did you know you can drive, more or less, from Detroit to Chicago on Grand River Blvd? (Or Ave or Whatever It Is?) I am actually kind of into that. Time was I woulda been so into it I'd not be going to work later today cuz I'd be moving toward the east end of the big path to start the trek at dawn. I've mellowed, no doubt. (Well, and there's that unfortunate question of mood disorder, too, but let's not go there.)

ANYway, we had dinner at El Aztec-O. Mountain of Salad: good. Peas! Mmmm. Then we walked around a bit. And had a lovely drive there and back, too.

Last time I was there, c.1998, was to (a) check out the city to see how livable it seemed and (b) see if we couldn't meet with the kick-ass feminist philosopher Marilyn Frye, who teaches there (but she wasn't in).

I like doing some drive-away thing on a school night. It's almost defiant, or something like that. "WhatEVah, O Weeknightédness!" it sez. "I'm cutting out anyway. And I'm gonna drink a large Polar Mocha at nigh on 9 p.m., t'boot!"

how about that.

the funniest thing just happened. not funny ha-ha. not really funny strange. okay, not funny.

kept me at my desk a good bit after i was scheduled to depart for the day, all the while having to pee like the dickens.

and i don't think i can tell ya'll about it. not just yet, anyway. seems like something i oughta keep to myself for now, for some reason.

well, god-damn.

how about that.