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September 8th, 2005

I have been finding notes from you

Tonight a postcard in a book of poems,
Norman Rockwell painted Huckleberry Finn,
January '84:  "Our phone is being installed
on the 11th"       "Hello to the Boys"

The other day in the Shakespeare
a coffee-stained legal sheet---
Bob Melvin finally hit a home run
as all day of a Sunday with Chet
you were waiting for me

And in a box for special things
a Social Security card I was after
and the red card poem, 8-13-88, Carroll County

Surprise:  not the us they recall
that is other, but the places,
pictures of the gone    or not yet    world

You'd think I'd planned it,
like scraps hidden in Laura's room,
perfect plants for moments like these
poignant comings-across in a future
with or without you still around
---or, as it turns out, both

Yeah, this entry is about finding an old piece of paper with a poem on it that's about finding old pieces of paper (one of which has a poem on it). And that ain't the only way it's regressive.

P.S.  I just saw a clip from the upcoming Gwynneth Paltrow movie in which her character quibbles with the notion of "healthy" hair (at which I've bristled for many moons) and then chides the woman she's talking to (as I might well feel the urge to do in the same circumstances) for contrasting "organic" with "chemical". The only other thing I know about the film is that it's called Proof, but that's enough to suggest it could be a little close for comfort. And thus potentially utterly compelling.

I always think that Hal Hartley film Trust was called Proof, even though I've memorized that it wasn't.

"Proof" is quite a word. And it's in the pudding, too.

Pudding. Mmmmm. How long since you've had pudding?

Poll #566470 pudding

How long since you've had pudding?

just had some today, matter of fact
well, if you count bread pudding, i had some of the fancy kind at a tasteful restaurant fairly recently
okay, i admit it; i like pudding. but i only eat it when nobody knows, or when i'm making it for a child or something.
okay, i admit it; i like pudding. but i haven't had it in forever.
okay, i admit it; i like pudding. and i eat it more often than i care to admit.
i'm way too grown up for pudding.
i wish i had some pudding right now.
i'd have chocolate, i think.
i like rice pudding.
i don't "do" sugar.
i eat pudding whenever i want, which is either a lot or not very often.
one long time ago, girl. one long time ago.


Some of these dictionaraokes are entertaining, I daresay. Some of the contributors, like "the former yugoslavia," mix male and female dictionary voices.

In particular I consider this "What's New, Pussycat?" a decided improvement upon the original.

You like? Which ones?
Mo and discy disc


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"What was once thought cannot be unthought."

-- Möbius, The Physicists


"The moment of change is the only poem."

-- Adrienne R.


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