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June 18th, 2005

I'm at M's Creek again. I do like it here. It's like my little clean, many-windowed clubhouse, with a fast internet connection, a bathroom & water fountain, climate control, comfy chairs, a low-key air of community, and books & movies to go. Something came in by ILL---I can't even remember what I'm waiting for---and I'm gonna pick it up on the way out, along with my swimming books (it occurred to me the other day there might be [!] books on it, since there are books on almost everything, and sure enough!); a YA novel (apparently a lezbo classic?) called Annie On My Mind; and a meditation primer recommended by L, Breath Sweeps Mind.

The "j" in vjsmom is coming, along with the "mom," in just days now. I've been remembering how Jeffie thinks his Auntie Holly is in jail. Or he did think that, anyway. He knew she no longer lives with Auntie Lisa, and I guess he picked up that there was some distress surrounding that subject. His folks told him she wasn't in jail, but that Auntie Lisa said she's in a prison of her own making---so I'm not sure it's fully cleared up for the boy. As I was just writing to O, though, he did like his Auntie H., & I shall take care not to mess with his head about it while he's here.

I've been having H on the brain again. (Is that what Holden Caulfield used to say about "ol' Jane"? Some narrator used that "on the brain" expression, I think. Somebody who had recurring phrases like Holden did.)

Good talk with squirrelykat a bit ago. She had some good words about a recent workplace SNAFU. Planning to meet up with her tomorrow to see Uses for Wood at the Old Town.

This morning was another fine weekend b'fast with that homo veg-o. Sure gonna miss those. I'm so thick, emotionally---as in dense, that is; thick-headed; slow---I find it nearly impossible to anticipate the loss that way, which is the way that really counts, so why I bother trying to prep, I dunno. Left brain reflex is all, I suppose. I think I've really come to believe in not doing so, but I haven't shaken the habit.

Now home again home again ...

whatchoo want

IMDb Izzy pic

It's Isabella's birthday.


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