May 24th, 2005


funny spam

Okay, the novelty of spam return addresses like "Prodigals J. Fluidity" is wearing off, but I was tickled by the earnest- and vaguely-old-fashioned-sounding return address of "Towards Healthy Spermatazoa" <> this morning, so I read the e-mail (Subject: does it squirm and not squirt). Mostly predictable, but the claims did include the following:

Ejaculate like a porn star - Stronger ejaculation (watch
where your aiming)

Sweeter tasting sperm - Studies show it improves the flavor

[emphasis mine]

The Swimming News

It's a novel about odd loner Canadian adult swimming students?

I did a little better tonight. Still suck, but did a little better. Swim cap kept hair out of eyes, but not chlorine out of hair. Still, I wasn't quite so saturated with the stuff.

KC suggests swimming metaphors---good for the context, but not terribly sophisticated poetry, I imagine. Still. Moreover, she points out how the verbally adept are particularly wicked when turning upon themselves with criticism. That is to say, we can do an especially good job on ourselves, as we can always find a thousand ways to put it, and the thousand angles that go along with the thousand ways.

Or words to that effect.

Elling, by the way, is a delight. (It's a movie.) (Norwegian.)

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