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May 8th, 2005

The Simpsons marathon isn't coming in well as I try to get a little work done here on the computer, so I flipped a bit---on channel 31, the "PAX" channel, there's an infomercial faux news interview with "author" Kevin Trudeau, who's selling Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About ("It's not in the bookstores yet"). Making your body alkaline makes it immune to cancer, and will cure cancer if you already have it, but the government doesn't want you to know that. There are ingredients being put into food today that are deliberately trying to make you fat, too. Why? because fat people eat more, and they'll thus make more money off of us. Etc.

I wonder how much these guys are consciously aiming at people with particular combos of often-coincident psychological disorders that themselves so often seem to coincide with counter-cultural conspiracy theory thinking. I mean, contemplating of the way we're bamboozled by marketing can well lead to paranoid thought patterns that in themselves could make us more susceptible to another kind of marketing. (I was just speculating the other day about marketing of the future as being disguised as and contained within faux market research surveying, as politics has done with suggestive polling.) (It IS enough to make your head spin.)

The funny thing about "author Kevin Trudeau" (who has a monthly newsletter, "The Whistleblower," I can get if I call the number on the screen) is that---as people who've seen infomericals for years know---he used to be the straight man who did the fake interviews in these ads. I seem to remember his set looked a little like Larry King's, with a background reminiscent thereof. Did Danny Bonaduce take over as the interviewer and interview "author Kevin Trudeau" first? I think he was playing the interviewer on the same earlier set, anyway.

Just $29.95 and I can have no depression, no ADD, no acid reflux, no cancer, no herpes, no MS, & no need for medication apart from the alternative homeopathic medications that I'll be using. But I have only 4:39 and counting to order.



better hurry.


tablespoon of vinegar test


"within seconds it was gone"

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