May 2nd, 2005

bad santa

dumpster diving

Well, we didn't actually dive into any of the dumpsters---they were heaped too high for that. But yesterday squirrelykat and I did some serious reuse reclaiming recon in the trash from the departing U. Mich. crowd, apparently some of whom are just as well off and wasteful as we imagine. Her big find: a Prada purse. Mine? Hmmm... I like my new towels & shelves, and I'm glad to have the free cleaning supplies, but the top scores are (1) the deco repro clock (I like me some clocks), (2) the two very nice wooden coat hangers (two of this hanger, in fact:

fancy wooden coate hanger picture

), and (3) the nearly-full 3-lb can of Maxwell House. My bean grinder bit the dust recently, so it's not even disappointing that my free coffee is already ground.

The roller blades and snowboarding shoes weren't my size. And I already have a Swiffer---a shame, cuz there were plenty of those to be had.