April 17th, 2005

bobby hill

on a break from the yard

* ~sigh~ *

i've done only a fraction of the weekend's outdoor goals

the fence needs shoring up; the gate is broken

fence is on city property & must be maintained; it bites it & I (a) lose private-ish feel of yard or (b) add to debt to put up another one considerably further in, cutting visual size of back yard by 6+ feet on one side of the chopped off triangle (what is that... not a trapezoid, as no two sides are parallel...) & losing a few kewl (but of course undertended) plants, like that rose bush that's starting to bloom already goddamn it before I got to pruning it back

back hurts

not the good kinda hurt

how ruth fairbanks used gardening to get through anything, i have yet to understand in the 1st person

of course for all i know none of that was true anyway, or perhaps it was true in some other way entirely

(just plucked an ant offa my neck)

* ~~~ less well-defined exhale ~~~ *