April 5th, 2005


Red Emma's

Look what I found in my old neighborhood in B'more, via the nifty Delocator:

Red Emma's

Seems it's a new incarnation of the old Black Planet bookstore in Fells Point. (Click on the pic for more, Baltimorons.) (Okay, there are a.s. no residents of Baltimore reading this journal, so maybe one of the rest of you oughta click it. vjsmom?)

that toe didn't stop me

It was so great out this afternoon, this evening.

I walked around downtown a good bit, then came home and raked a little, stopping to chat a bit with a neighbor & dog, then zipped by the library. Chester's been lovingly cooing at some kitty who's hanging in the back yard. My hands smell like dusty dirt. Night is falling, beautif'lly.

I'm thirsty. Read into that all you want.