March 31st, 2005

bad santa

celebrate LLY

Who else thinks we should fete lovelikeyeast upon her return to Michigan?

My place or yours, or hers, or out? I guess I'll have a convalescing kitty at the time, so maybe someplace other than mine would be good....
bad santa

R.I.P., Robert Creeley

Just saw from susanstinson's post that somebody else just died besides the Story of the Month.


Later I would be more broadly into the work of the Black Mountain poets, but when I first "discovered" Robert Creeley it was through the following (probably much anthologized) poem, which remains one of my favorites:

I Know a Man

As I sd to my
friend, because I am
always talking, -- John, I

sd, which was not his
name, the darkness sur-
rounds us, what

can we do against
it, or else, shall we &
why not, buy a goddamn big car,

drive, he sd, for
christ's sake, look
out where yr going.

the resistance in Kansas

upsidedownblue just posted directions to his buddy's mother bit for TV in the Kansas queer hatred resistance.; click on "See & Hear;" check out the Kathy Dorman commercial. The preacher they've got in the second clip strikes a slightly condescending tone with his reference to some christian notion of something like "do it for the least of us," and the other parents who have an ad seem compelled to offer their certainty that sexual orientation is not a choice (don't get me started), but all in all I'm glad to see something of a fight being put up.

Not that it'll work.