March 23rd, 2005


hey, i noticed that

Those little filler-y New Yorker drawings... have you seen an issue lately? I was flipping pages in one not so long ago and --- hey --- wait --- suddenly I was flipping back to the beginning.
How 'bout that? There's something interesting going on with them now.

Read about it in this NY Times piece.

I went into Explorer (we're a Mozilla shop) to invoke the Java capability to look at the multimedia slide show of images, and found myself happy to take in the ad that popped up first: for the new Woody Allen movie. I just watched the trailer, and I'm psyched! I love Wallace Shawn. Did I mention here having seen him while dining out in NYC a coupla years ago? (It was at the Grange Hall in the West Village.) He's one of the great faces of our day. Well, with the voice/accent, especially. The premise of the movie looks good, and the trailer shows signs of especially fun music for this one. I hope it gets our way soon, cuz I need me some art therapy. And if it only plays the small-butt theater, I'm drivin' to Detroit, g-d it. My ass is gonna be comfortable for some Woody.

He's only going to come out with so many more pictures before one of us dies, you know? I mean, he cranks 'em out for me, bless his messed-up heart, but I still find myself thinking of them as my mother did her Godiva chocolates: gotta savor those suckers.