February 16th, 2005


syllabification afficianado

I just used those words (adjectivally before "colleagues") in an e-mail to Dan in Systems. Cool, huh?

If you're a syllabification afficianado, you might notice that each word has 6 syllables. A pretty good average! Wonder for how long one could keep it up without awkwardness.
double five

2 5-3s and no 6-3

My recently-acquired swanky set of bones---like these:

---turned out (upon play this past weekend) to have a duplicate of one domino and none of another. Wouldn't matter if these were for standing up and knocking over, but they're not. Hoping to get it ironed out soon. In the meantime I do have other sets, including my fave red bakelites with white pips.

Good time with Legos and Ginger and rockets and keyboard and peteralway last night. Grown-ups who like to play are a blessing, when they come along.

I still don't understand, on some fundamental level, why fun isn't the shared value it was for most of us in childhood. What happens? Fun was an end in itself. Still seems to me that it should be, but I don't think most of my acquaintanceship shares that notion. Or maybe the definition of what's fun narrows, or is infringed upon by Experience, or tyrant Taste?