January 31st, 2005


hibernation instinct? not exactly

For several days now I've been feeling, off and on, some kind of home-hangin' desire. Don't know what it's about, but I don't think it's the weather. There seems to be an aspect of withdrawal from social activity, though not entirely (thank goodness); I actually find myself sometimes preferring my own company to the idea of that of anyone else. I am not used to this feeling! What is it about?

I laugh at myself, with the big question mark over my head & a goofy, furrowed-brow expression.

I love you Yoko

Have you heard about the new queer album? Click on Yoko for the piece in Rolling Stone:

title or description

Old friends to the inverts Dolly Parton & Cyndi Lauper are among the other artists, who also include the Dixie Chicks, Pink, the B-52's, and Emmylou Harris. Too bad the benefitting organization is the middle-leaning (thus right-leaning) HRC. (Well, when you're leaning to the middle from the left, that's which way you're pulling!) But Yoko's doing "Every Man Has a Man"---that's what me and my queer cronies have been doing to songs for years, and she's doing it to her own song. Huzzah!

That issue of the magazine also has a cover story on Johnny Depp ya'll (fellow) Johnny-lovers and -droolers might enjoy.

P.S. Here's an interview Yoko did recently with The (Glasgow) Herald.