January 21st, 2005


more movies; bracing for another snow dump

Saw Pieces of April on library DVD last night. Not bad. Might be a good one for vjsmom.

On Wednesday, though, I caught I Heart Huckabees for a second time, at the cheap theater. Loved it again. Goofy thinky funny absurd serious smart; distinctive soundtrack; laugh out loud (at self) moments. Like the one depicted in this icon ("Now! [wonk]... Now! [wonk] ... "). I'm going to have to say it edges out Kitchen Stories as my Best Picture of last year.

I have The Grifters and the early talkie (and directorially revolutionary?) Applause at home. Might see if the library has another one or two in my pre-snowfall errands this evening. Now, think: coffee, bread, facon; that frame sale at CVS that ends tomorrow; library; Rec Center; air in tire; litter box; bills; laundry; other stuff? I'm sure. Like maybe shovel the rest of the last snow off the stoop before this one hits?