January 18th, 2005


back to work tomorrow; transient sunshine

3-day weekends make it especially hard for me to go to bed on time & get up for work.

With all the praises sung of it by my fellow workers and others, it's perhaps not surprising that my viewing of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight was a let-down. I'm especially disappointed to have to report my disappointment to folks who enjoyed it so much, you know? Maybe my mood isn't right for it, but I kinda don't think I'da been bowled over in any mood.

I mean, it's ambitious and all, structurally, but I knew that going in. I do follow the shenanigans, but, well, for one thing, I never really feel that those two characters are in love. Or not in any kind of love I'd want to fight for (and I fight for love, believe you me). That's vague and subjective, I know, but there it is. (Of course everything's subjective, I feel compelled to add.) And no, my problem with their "great" love is not cuz it starts out with the sour end of things. I didn't buy the beautiful beginnings, and for that matter I didn't like either of the two characters. Then there's the gimmicky factor. The movie seems enamored of itself---there's THAT love.... Surprisingly I wasn't annoyed by Jim Carrey's presence(/face), and I did find a few bits engaging, and I like Mark Ruffalo, but in the end I'm gonna have to give it a pass.

Maybe part of my problem is that, well... Well, you know what? If somebody wants to erase a relationship, she can. All by her lonesome. Don't need no Lacuna. People do it all the time.

And there's the disconnect about how the process is supposedly unknown to our protagonist, but then he---half-heartedly set up as a cautious character, I gather to make his attraction to her be about her free-spiritedness---this guy needs only to be told "trust me" and "it's no more brain damage than a night of hard-drinking," and that's it. Yeah, I'm quibbling. It's late & I'm burnt & in no shape to get at my problems with the movie, let alone articulate them well (and thus get at them for real). But if it'd worked for me I wouldn't be quibbling. I'm sparing you a lot of it, honest. I fear I'll spark cries of outrage if I suggest that the movie doesn't seem to me, ultimately, to have a heart. Not that all movies need one, but one on this theme certainly does.

disclaimerwill, if you see this before I get in, will you break it to RLZ? I feel as if I'll have let you two down.

pseudo-celeb at the grocery store

This evening in Busch's I noticed that the young dude talking boisterously on his cell phone in aisle 4 had the old Orioles cap on---this one OLD ORIOLES CAP, with the cartoon bird. It crossed my mind briefly to make a stab at a little Baltimore connection with the kid, but he was on the phone, and anyway there was something about him that suggested he might not be as receptive to such a thing as the average wearer of the old logo. He got his Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I got whatever I was in that aisle for (the wheat germ? check it out next time you buy: Made with Pride in Manhattan, Kansas), and we went our separate ways---only to be reunited, such as it was, another two rows down.

He was still on the phone, even louder now, and there seemed to be something about it that suggested his audience might be broader than just the party on the other end of the satellite signal. Then he said, "Yeah, I'm swimming pretty good," and went on to reference his training schedule and goals for the immediate future (oddly enough involving Super Bowl Sunday as some sort of demarcation). That's when I knew who he was, and another look at him confirmed it. Yep, it was the recent Olympic celebrity who used to frequent Pete's Grille, too, but after H & I beat it outta town.

So do you think he was trying to get recognized in the grocery store, walking around talking loudly about his swimming?