'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

still at the office . . . but kinda fun

I got the box done that TCC will be second-checking Monday a.m., so that's good. Now I'm just hanging until the pages of our little underground rag finish printing. Stapling Monday? That's kinda how I'm leaning, unless I come in on the weekend to do it.

Have a little fun planned for tomorrow. Any of ya'll got big fun plans? Oh, my other big thing: signing up for Netflix, and making a queue. (I just got a gift subscription for it. Can you believe that? You're a sweetheart, you-know-who-you-are.) A coupla years ago they let you play with the database & line up a queue before you actually bought in, and that was fun even when not expecting to get the movies, barring some windfall. Now I'm going to line 'em up, and they're actually going to start coming to my house! Will I have a hard time finding the time for freelancing? Will I never do yard work, and just write it off completely? What about practicing swimming? (I started a swimming class this week.)

Oh, wait---here's the question: Will I take days off work just to watch movies? Perhaps! I know the Goddess made PPL for something.

This is her day, btw. Friday the 13th. So sayeth Barbara Walker, anyway.

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