December 1st, 2004


hitch in the ol' git-along

Had a session with Massage Meredith at work today. The office picks up part of the tab, but I still don't often do it, what with my shaky-at-best financial circumstances. MR makes it tempting, though, putting it on our tabs, which are due, as far as I can tell, "whenever."

For a few days now I've had an increasingly stiff lower back. You'd think it would have happened while sleeping on a couch over the weekend, but it didn't hit until after I'd returned to my own bed. M. suggested the couch may've actually been BETTER for the back than the bed; though I just flipped the mattress last week, there could well be something to that. The stiffness/soreness is causing an odd sensation of not feeling able to stand up fully straight. Being at the desk/computer all day isn't helping anything either, I'm sure.

I've got a new stretch to try, though. Doesn't look like it'd stretch yer lower back, but by gum if it doesn't. Kinda hard on the knees for a fatty, though.

In other matters, I'll probably have a friends-only musing about some old relationship stuff here before long, for those of you who don't mind that sort of thing too much.