November 22nd, 2004


Thanksgiving coming; car giveaway poll

Well, I'm gonna be a straggler this year, for the first time. Will be spending Thanksgiving in some place call She-boy-gun. Yeah, it's a strange name, isn't it?

I've just found out that this calendar year, 2004, is the last for simple tax-deduction car donating---starting next year, cuzza something buried in the Giant Tax Breaks for Corporations bill, people will be generally be able to deduct less for their donated cars, and in many cases won't know until after the donation how much it will be worth. Charitable groups are pretty upset; asked what she thought about the new law, a spokesperson for Goodwill is quoted in this article in Motortrend as saying, "You mean how Congress is using the homeless and hungry to pay for corporate tax breaks?"

Anyway, I'm contemplating donating the Jeep instead of selling it as is or getting the steering fixed in order to sell it. Gotta do a little number-crunching first. If I do decide to donate it, to whom should the donation go?

Poll #389853 The Jeep Moving On

Of these, I'd give the money from the Jeep to:

Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage
the AIDS Research Alliance
the SIDS network

Whitman-Walker's a great clinic in DC (serving the GLBT community). SMYAL's a queer youth group. CORE is the long-time civil rights organization. WEAVE us "Women Escaping A Violent Environment"---cheesy acronym, but a national group of 25+ years now.

I nearly died of SIDS myself.