November 3rd, 2004


tired. fearful.

Did the TV-telephone combo for a coupla hours. Even though my personal electoral college map projection plan gave Bush Florida, I'm kinda freaked that now Kerry needs to get every swinger left, pretty much.

Nice to see that at least some of our local numbers are among those not yet reported within Michigan---a precinct worker blogger did a friends-only post indicating that they have to retabulate all their ballots.

Still, it's making me crazy, but I can't stand the idea of going to sleep all night and waking up to the nightmare prospects. Yet I might just pass out.

beaten down

Like a lot of folks, I'm hating my country today. After the excitement of high voter turnout, and catching some of upsidedownblue's enthusiastic optimism (B, I'm worried about you---hope you'll check in soon)---it's such a dead feeling of gloom.

Talking to Smilka did remind me, somehow (though we weren't talking about it) to appreciate the electoral process, at least in theory. Of course it could be worse. Totalitarianism is surely harder to overcome than this combination of rule by global corporate forces and capitalism with bamboozling of the puritan descendents by smokescreen "moral" issues. (Getting all those anti-queer state amendments on ballots, to my mind, was probably one of the smartest things they did.)

I took some comfort from the tone of the BBC this morning, where they were clearly disappointed but seemed to think the world hadn't quite imploded upon itself.

Animated talk in the Editors' "Decorating Area" is drawing my ear. Sounds like it was Tadeusz or Dean who just started a sentence with "My only consolation is..." and drew chuckles. I wonder whom I'll see in the kitchen at 1:00 for the concession speech.

Yeah, I said "whom." After great pain... Collapse )

Many here, including fflo, are dressed like Johnny Cash today.