November 2nd, 2004



I voted! I had to put a lot of thought into Drain Commissioner, in particular.

Actually it was pretty fun voting. I kinda wish the line had been longer. It's the manic high that may or may not be followed by the low low. And/or the duldrums of uncertainty, tinged with the agony of the expectation of injustice.

doot doo doot doo dite/And I just can't hide it . . .

I'm not quite co-worker R., who purportedly has the computer on and multiple TV action while talking on the phone ALL ELECTION NIGHT, but I'm keeping close tabs. One friend AND my boss (who reported today having felt something of a connection to said friend, meeting her recently) are planning to ignore all news tonight and go to bed without checking and just wait until morning.

Leftover party treats tonight. Both kinds.

kc good today, or time herwith, that is.

i sure hope the good feeling lasts

Oh, my! I'm watching the Washington Post monitor of how the TV channels are calling it:

and I'm noticing how George Stephanopoulos keeps finding it hard not to smile, and I'm reading Wonkette's rumors (at and now I come across this word at Altercation that ZOGBY has called it for Kerry: