October 21st, 2004

ferndale bar lisa


That was somethin'.

I still sorta can't believe they beat the Yankees. And the Yankees didn't beat them. And they didn't beat themselves.

I swear, it feels as if maybe the little guy might get a little something for a little while, you know?

I remember reading somewhere when I was young that it was the American Way to root for the underdog. That's a concept I'm sentimental about, as one is sentimental about innocent things of one's youth.

Now I wasn't a terribly big baseball fan as a kid, and my father & brother were more into football. It took (as I was telling disclaimerwill not so long ago) the losin'est bunch---the 1988 Orioles, setting a record at the beginning of the year for consecutive losses to open a season---to get me. And for me to get it.

There are reasons, as I'm sure it's been speculated many a time, that baseball is the literary sport. But it's the game little kids can play, that may involve muscles but not brute force---it's the way it's that game that they're playing that means you HAVE to root for the underdogs. The diamond's where the underdogs can get a little back on the bullies, the dominant.

In the great baseball musicals and films, after all, our protagonists aren't the freakin' perennial beaters-up of teams with fewer resources.

But enough of that. Let me ask you this: Is there any way the Yankees would have been out there hugging each other, one on one, in probably at least half the mathematically possible pairings, for a good ten solid minutes after the game?

Well, IS there any way?

no WAY!
no way in HELL!

Yankees don't hug. Or if they do, they're careful to be manly about it.

HA! The Axis of Evil goes DOWN!! Steinbrenner--Torre--Jeter! Or name yer Axis---YANKS LOSE! RED SOX SURVIVE! HAIRY JOHNNY IS STAR OF GAME!!

There's never, in my lifetime, been such good cause for a feeling of destiny about the Babe lifting the curse.

The implications for the Bush administration are dire! Fates, are we hearing you right? Is it time for a small uprising of the people again, for whatever time we can manage to hold the window open before they slam it down again?
ferndale bar lisa

I forgot to say...

E. called earlier tonight---no, not E. (though I talked to her this evening too, briefly) or E. (though I talked to her last night). It's the E Women 3, you know? Anyway, this E. (of S. & E.) has baseball back in her heart, too.

That man Denise ended up with was a Yankee fan, you know that? She should have known! (Worse, maybe she DID know.)
ferndale bar lisa

jury duty for S.

So it seems vjsmom is on the jury of a murder trial. Gruesome stuff. It's getting to her. She may not be checking in here any time soon, but in case she does: hang in there, S! And good luck distracting yourself in the evenings from thoughts of the case. (May I suggest baseball?)