October 20th, 2004


bleary-eyed baseball watcher

This is getting ridiculous.

This game didn't even go into ex-tree innings, and it's still almost 12:30 in the morning when it ends. I guess it didn't help that they had to call out the riot police on the yankee fans. (Usually I don't find myself siding with the riot police, but there's an exception for every rule.)

So, Game 7 tomorrow night. That's where the Curse will have its chance to wrench the most heart.

anybody read it?

So a gay novel won the Booker---Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty. I picked up The Swimming Pool Library when it came out, back when I'd been out of school, and not reading current book reviews, just long enough to be choosing my reading arbitrarily in bookstores. I remember it had a strange feel to it; it was atmospheric in a way that wasn't primarily related to the language itself. I've hung on to it meaning to read it again some day. Now I'm wondering about this newly-touted one. Anyone have a review for me?