October 12th, 2004


maybe this'll do it

Red Sox vs. Evil Ones tonight---will it save baseball for Lisa? We shall see.

Sadly, the great story of the Red Sox, 2nd only to the great story of the Cubbies in this regard, is the story of losing. Even if they do break the curse, beat the Yankees, etc., their legend is all around blowing it.

I've heard it postulated that a Sox win in the World Series could result in a bump for John Kerry in the election. THoughts?

so much for a Bo-dacious beginning

This afternoon I ended up hanging at the library for much longer than I'd realized I was there; barely got home for the beginning of the ballgame. And before my pizza could even arrive, the Sox were down 6-0. I confess: that was just too depressing, so I watched some of what looked like a Frontline piece on PBS about Bush & Kerry, and then popped in the second DVD in the first season of Six Feet Under (here Lisa caves to disclaimerwill's style of italicizing TV show titles---partly cuz it's just easier than quotation marks, and partly cuz a whole TV series is a body of work bigger'n many movies, so I can get behind it being given large typographical weight/distinction)----SO I didn't realize, as I do looking at the box score now, that the Beantown Hairies came rallying back to within one, 8-7, before losing 10-7. (Maybe it's just as well I wasn't watching.)