September 13th, 2004


regressing cats; ALG in my sleep; weekend recap


Dreamed about Arthur last night. Told him so this morning, and had to admit, when he wondered aloud whether I could tell him the details openly in the workplace, that I probably shouldn't. Not that I remember much of it. But it did take place in my bed---Holly on one side of me, him on the other. There was no actual "action" (that I recall), but I remember that the main plot bit seemed to involve me discovering a second instance/expression/subject of some psychological hang-up (or legacy of childhood trauma) of Holly's (maybe involving her leg, or legs in general?) (I don't know what the first hang-up was, either). All I remember for sure about ALG is that he was lying on the other side of me, and we were all supposed to be sleeping there thus, but we were in an awake interlude (me sans C-PAP machine); I have a vague recollection that Arthur and I were exchanging observations about language or colloquialisms or some such.

Arthur, for those of you who don't know, is one of our mathematician editors at my job.

Weekend was good 'n' social, but not terribly productive. Had dinner at B&T's Friday night, then watched Spiderman; Sat. saw Napoleon Dynamite (pretty good) (great opening credits) & finally hung with wednes & co. (fun) (among other stuff, saw a coupla terrific South Parks, so have now been turned on to Cartman's Christian rock band and Mel Gibson's masochism/craziness); Sun. b-fast with E. and piddlin' with J.

And I did get power steering fluid.