August 31st, 2004


Recipe for Good Momentum in September of This Year

  Sleep plenty. Start before 2
  most nights. Hydrate. Eat
  often, and take lots of time
  with plan, and gather, and
  prep. And, as you & she would
  aim: more than one thing.
  Willy-nilly. Avaunt! Heigh-ho.

  Don't worry about money. It's o.k.;
  smart enough, for now---fret not.
  See every movie you might like,
  and breakfast with any who will.

  Take walks. Spend hours with
  the dying leaves. Get a little
  chilly and go inside to warm up.
  Remember the bathtub. Love Chet
  well (that may leave thee ere long).

  Try the steering fluid. Sell the
  Jeep. You can do it. It can end its
  motoring days with another. Just
  take out the sentimental rocks.

  Finally: don't even try not to
  think of that one, but practice
  giving up wishes. They're right,
  Polly's Buddhists, though you're
  not altogether with them. Now go on

  and sing songs to yourself, and ponder
  inertia, cuz it applies to motion, too.

  Mix well, until firm. Serves one.


Of course this comes out with thoughts of that little Larry Ferlinghetti that fits so well on a postcard, the list recipe poem I used to do variations of in my head (as Denise used to write her own personalized "My Favorite Things" now & then)Collapse )