August 30th, 2004

ferndale bar lisa


Lisa & Sandi Go to the White Castle and Harold
& Kumar Go to the White Castle
and the White Castle

Long about 10:00 one night while vjsmom was here, I found out she'd never been to White Castle. We got a little silly & realized she could go not only to the establishment itself, but also to---showing at 10:25 at the Showcase---the new film about a trip to that particular stoner Mecca. And then, to round out the evening, we could stop on the way home for bookend sliders afterwards. Perfect!

She then had the idea of documenting the venture on film. (Maybe she was thinking, "What Would squirrelykat Do?") So here's the story, in pix:


(We've just gotten the idea.)

(We think it's pretty funny.)

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