August 18th, 2004


so. rest of the week off. guest. dinner.

Just back from the doctor---whom I'd call "doc" 'cept I'm not feeling terribly affectionate toward him just now. He was a tad flip and dismissive in his inconclusive analysis of what mighta caused my "incident" the other night. Thus not only am I without a medical opinion for myself---or for those of you betting "nervous breakdown" or "anxiety attack" vs. those of you going with "dehydration," "a combination of causes," or "message from God"---but also I'm wondering whether I have been deprived of full legit. health care here. (Of course I also wonder how much longer until Math Reviews style has me putting commas like those above outside their quotation marks---I wonder a lot.)

The place was busy today, and the doctor seemed a bit distracted by the presence of the enthusiastic 3rd-year med student doing clinical whatever-it-is with him today. (She was thorough as all get-out in getting info from me, but she communicated it to him elsewhere, and I got just a few minutes with him.) I know I was distracted by his way of relating to her. He even seemed a little annoyed that she inquired about when my last mammogram had been and pointed out that I was due for another one. It wasn't until I was driving away that I realized he hadn't even gone over the results of the tests from the ER with me.

I may look into switching primary care person. Reckon I'll give him one more chance, with the physical I'm now scheduled for in October. I haven't found him dismissive in the past, generally. Too bad onstar and bigfinedaddy's doc isn't taking new patients.

Speaking of them, they're great. Friend 'em! I was going to wait until bigfinedaddy had done a coupla posts, but what the heck.

So vjsmom arrives in a little over an hour. I'll show her around A2 & we'll have upsidedownblue over to a little farewell dinner, along with maffick and squirrelykat. That should be fun. I haven't gotten too far with the menu yet; B., are you allergic to anything, or have any foods you hate? I forgot to ask.

Oh, and just cuz I haven't mentioned it for a while: still and yet, and for how-freakin'-much-longer?, I got them "(Jeebus I'm Still) Missin' That Holly Blues" (not an actual song) (yet).

Maybe I shoulda had the doctor check my heartstrings. This is the roughest workout they've ever gotten.