August 4th, 2004


O. L. to E. J.

Dear Elana Jane,

Well I know we're not sure whether you gave me that book on tape or not, but I've gotta tell you: I'm starting to enjoy a trip to the store, and the drive to work, and other automotive travel I decide is necessary so that I can hear some more of Fannie reading Welcome To The World.... I'm pretty sure this is the first book on tape I've listened to, and I don't know if they're all like this---or if it's maybe just the content of this one and how it's striking me at this < airquotes > juncture < airquotes >---but I can almost see how Mary C. Hall felt compelled to break the boycott of the evil Cracker Barrel in order to procure the things, on a 'round-the-country "borrow/listen/return-anywhere at just $2 a pop" deal. (Probably started with truckers as its main customers, doncha bet?)

I've got about a side and a half of the 8 sides left to listen to, and Collapse )
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regular e-L. to Mary C. Xxxx

Ah, Mary----I've got to be getting back to prepping the house for guests, but how can I not drop you a line after that last message. You sweet and feeling-feeling thing, you. Sounds like you're going through it a bit---but, hey, isn't that the best way to know you're alive? (I tell ya, I myself have had the kinds of pangs this year you surely don't get when you're dead.)

Anyway, two fairly quick thoughts for you, for what they're worth.

(1) It's All Relative

When I was first getting ready to teach a college class, my father's old officemate, the fascinating former hippie-ish Oregonder [here in Michigan we just add "-der"] folklorist and my new friend and the newly-lesbian Polly (all the same person) sat me down to chat & told me, among other things, about a model of Collapse )