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July 30th, 2004

didn't win anything at Bingo

It was a good time, though. Them women I was there with are great just to be around. (Thanks, lovelikeyeast for thinking of me.)

Next time I plan to win more than twice what I won this time.

did something before work

Today got off to a great start cuz I went to b'fast with wednes. (Thanks again for feeding & caffeinating me, W.) It was great to get to hang with her, finally. I tell ya, that woman has a certain youthful exuberance to her---know what I mean, wednesfans? And she likes to laugh, and to make people laugh. It was a pleasure, and I look forward to spending more time in her fine company.

After work I did a little checking in on some kitties & it's been an evening of futzing with this and that thing at the house I needed to get after. (A good measure of heartache in there, too, as is still common/daily.) (She really was some woman, those of you who don't/didn't know her; it ain't just me and my sappy self.)

I just realized, sitting here at the computer, that I'm majorly hongry. Or haungry. Not just hungry. I'm such a ditz about meals any more---I surely shoulda had some supper by now.

Got some fun lined up w/upsidedownblue for tomorrow. Should be good.

You know, I think I could be perfectly happy to have a regular schedule like that of late: long weekend houseguests, a weekend w/just me, long weekend houseguests, two weekends with just me, and then start over with long weekend houseguests. Rotating visited domesticity. Plus I want all Wednesdays off (except wednes, who should be on the sched) and gaps now and then for a trip someplace. Oh, and siesta at work. And a shower at work, too. And a second dog at work, like maybe a bigger, "real dog" type dog. (Nothing against Bob...)

Must do some catch-up posting about highlights of last weekend, and get to putting up some of them pix I keep meaning to get after, if I ever again feel like staying late at the office without working while I'm staying late.


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