July 6th, 2004

ferndale bar lisa

last day off of six in a row

If you're one of the people who heard me preaching that taking all Wednesdays off is the Way and the Light, I'd like to offer up the new testament: take six days off in a row, too. I'm not saying you should stop taking off Wednesdays. In fact maybe we should see about formalizing the religion that considers them sacred, if only to have a better shot at everybody getting them all off. But many days off and revelry and company---those are good, too.

Hosted first party without H. since the great Gertrude Stein HouseCooling Party of '96. ('95?) Only natural, I suppose, that it seemed she was missing. Plus of course it was the first in our first house, the cottage she fell in love with every bit as much as I did, and where we'd intended to start having folks over in earnest again. So, yeah---strange for her not to be here. She would have loved it. And I miss the way she and I used to throw a shindig: it was one of the things we did very well together.

But I did have lotsa help, including all sorts of impromptu domestic maintenance by volunteers. And, more to the point, lotsa fun seemed to be being had. Good people and good conversation; mixing together of folks from different parts of my world; strictly legal yet fun fireworks; etc. Lots of etc. I reckon I'm encouraged plenty enough to do it again before long, and bigger. (With maybe a few smallers in the middle.)

And now first round of houseguesting is about to wrap up (sprig5 already home; pijeanf napping on the couch). Crazy life resumes tomorrow, in earnest, but with more houseguests and gatherings to follow and interrupt, along with the other nuggets that make it not just functioning.

It was Linus who cited it, back in "Happiness Is...", and I knew right away he was right (but of course he was the philosophical one): having something to look forward to.